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the perks

Flexible working hours

Dog friendly offce

Team/Launch celebrations

the culture

You will have many opportunities for learning on the job, collaborating with our highly-skilled team, and will be encouraged to bring your own ideas to the culture.

we’ll give you the freedom to manage your own work and trust you to get things done.

We ask each other and our clients, "What do you think?" When we invite input, we take the feedback graciously and learn from it. We tend to identify the experts in our team and seek opportunities to learn from them. Likewise, are awarding those who are generous with their own expertise.

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new origin

New origin d.o.o.
Vetrinjska ulica 16
2000 Maribor
Davčna številka: SI 71343954
Matična številka: 8283109


+386 40 646 824