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Developing your software project

Custom web and mobile apps


what can we do for you

We are specialized in solving complex software problems. 

Web development

We are not afraid of attacking complex problems, and we can usually solve them with simple, cost-effective solutions. These are just a few technologies that we are using in our daily operations: 

React / React native
AWS Services

We are using the best technology that fits the needs of your project. Our core belief is that over-engineering is terrible for your project, so we are applying just the right amount of smart to set you up with what you need.

Java Spring

Digital product design

You have an idea, but don't know where to start? Look no further! We have ample experience with planning development of digital products. We will guide and educate you, from baby steps to fully mature product. 

Mobile development

We can offer you the development of the mobile app, which can complement your system and can also represent the heart of your business. Give us a challenge and we will bring a solution to you.

Brand & Identity

Our core competencies include a wide range of programming languages, as well as the development environment. Best possible stack to provide optimal value for your business.

Stay Agile

You deserve prompt feedback on your project; because of this, we prefer to deliver your software in cycled increments.


We deliver your digital product in accordance with the best standards, norms, approaches, and technologies.

Smart Medik

We were hired to develop a medical platform. We acted as a blockchain consultant as well as developers of the platform. 

We designed the platform as a set of APIs, which are able to connect with the web and mobile app as well as with the blockchain. We have also implemented a mobile first web app.

Scope of work: Product development · Web development · UI/UX · DevOps